I am a polyvalent documentary creator with two decades of experience across the full production process, from research and ideation to delivery. My true love is cinematography, but I have deep experience in all aspects of documentary production, from development, budgeting, and preproduction to image and sound capture, editorial, color, mastering and delivery. 

I have shot 7 feature docs as Director of Photography: The Conspiracy (DOC NYC, 2022), Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests (MAX Original, 2021), The Candidates (Fuse, 2019), The Truth About Killer Robots (HBO, 2018), Capital (Full Frame, 2010), How To Rob Banks For Dummies (Post-production), and The Town that Shot the Sherriff (Post-production), as well as the mid-length doc Clínica de Migrantes (HBO, 2016). Of these, I also produced The Conspiracy and The Truth About Killer Robots, as well as the Sundance award-winning Our New President (2018). 

I co-founded Third Party Films with director Maxim Pozdorovkin in 2007. 

I hold a Ph.D. from Harvard University, where I wrote a dissertation about  the discursive construction of the French suburbs in film and television entitled Banlieue Stories: Mapping the Paris Suburbs On Screen, 1958-2012